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Riches- 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil blend of carefully selected oils for abundance, prosperity, fortune, magnetic energy, positivity and wealth. Reiki infused.

Riches oil raises your energy to a more attracting energy vibration. A wonderful oil to enhance the Law of Attraction. Intended to attract more abundance and prosperity in one's life. Riches oil is infused with Green Jade. Stone known as a stone of wealth and prosperity. Set a positive intention and inhale this magical oil to attract the goodness the universe has in store for you! All it takes is a single thought to change your world.

Diffuse, directly inhale, or dilute with any carrier oil ( ratio 10:1, 10 drops of any carrier oil and one drop of Riches) and apply on the bottom of your feet, over your heart, and breathe it in while repeating your affirmation.

*** A small proportion of people may experience skin irritation or cross- sensitivity to some essential oils. Do a patch test on your forearm- apply couple of drops of the mix with carrier oil and wait 48 hours.

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