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Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Necklace, Diffuser necklace, essential oil pendant

Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Necklace, Diffuser necklace, essential oil pendant

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Experience the enchanting power of Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Necklace, your key to long-lasting fragrance and emotional wellbeing!

Are you tired of dull, short-lived fragrances that don't reflect your vibrant spirit or support your emotional wellbeing? Discover the Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Necklace, a luxurious fusion of elegance and aromatherapy designed to elevate your mood and invigorate your senses throughout the day.

Our cutting-edge Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Necklace is a stunning accessory that incorporates a patented Japanese metal technology to hold and amplify the scent of your favorite essential oils without the need for pads. Say goodbye to constant reapplication, as our innovative design ensures your cherished fragrance lasts up to five days with just one application.

This is Day Number One.

Three key benefits:

  • Extended Fragrance: Indulge in your favorite essential oils for up to five days, providing long-lasting fragrance and mood-enhancing benefits.
  • Elegant Versatility: Elevate any outfit with our hypoallergenic, customizable design that complements your unique style.
  • Wellness On-The-Go: Experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils wherever you are, boosting your emotional and physical wellbeing throughout the day.
Embrace the transformative power of Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Necklace, your ultimate companion for lasting fragrance and enhanced wellbeing.

➡️14k Gold Plated
➡️Water Resistance
➡️1 Year Color Warranty
➡️Up to 5 days Scent
➡️Patented Metal

Pendant Size:
➡️Height: 0.59 In / 19.5 mm
➡️Width : 0.59 In / 5 mm
➡️Depth: 0.13 In / 4.5 mm
➡️Necklace Size : 18+2 In / 450+50 mm

How to use :
➡️Apply your favorite aromatherapy oil on the pendant.
➡️Enjoy an intense jewelry scent for up to five days.
➡️To change aromatherapy oil , simply dip your jewelry in hot water for a few seconds(take a shower or go for a swim) and wait until fully dry.

No need to replace anything the patented metal will absorbed the oils and relies the scent


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