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This oil is intended to help you say “Be Gone", for the last time. Made with essential oils symbolic of banishing; oils traditionally used to help to get rid of an unhealthy situations, negative energy, negative thoughts, people who are generally causing you harm. It’s good for banishing specific people from your life as well as bad habits, limiting beliefs, unwanted mental states and issues such as depression, stress etc. Can be sprinkled on items or around the home. When you need someone out of your life, use this oil, put a few drops in their shoes or in their foot tracks. You can apply concentrated oil directly to candle to complement spells. You cab write on a piece of paper the person or thing you want to banish. Dress the paper with the Be Gone oil. Focus on what you want to banish. Bring the person or thing to mind intensely as clearly as you can for a few moments. Light the paper on fire and drop it into the bowl. As it burns, imagine the person, habit or inner state you are banishing leaving your life. Once it burns, dispose of the ashes away from your home. There are many ways to use it. Be Gone oil comes in amber glass bottle 30ml with a glass dropper pipette. Keep oils out of the direct sunlight to prevent deterioration of the product.

DISCLAIMER *** For external use only. Green Envy Cosmetics makes no claim to the efficacy of these products. They are sold as curios only, and should be used with the clients' intentions..***

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