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The  Full Moon is about releases, endings and letting go of what no longer serves you. Using subtle aromatherapy (energetic or vibrational attributes of essential oils) and essential oils effects on the mind and emotions. This oil is a blend of specific essential oils to support the intentions of each moon phase and associated ceremonies.

Full Moon Blend can be diffused during the lunar phase or added to a lunar ritual, ceremony or celebration. This can be in the form of releasing energy, limiting beliefs, fears, old habits and even relationships. When we engage in this process of letting go we can make room for new blessings and abundance in all forms. This oil blend can both assist and enhance this practice. Rosewood lend support to those undergoing mental and emotional stress associated with grief and especially loss related to love, relationships and personal attachments.

Tangerine allows one to realize change without a great amount of anxiety, drama or trauma. Helps one detach from drama, expel negativity and feel confident and courageous. It releases negativity and draws in positive energy. Helps one let go of the need to control and instead be open to new and uncertain situations.

Cypress is an excellent essential oil to garner confidence, courage and fortitude. As the oil of “flow”, cypress is the perfect oil to release any stagnant energy or relationships on the full moon. Helps to create energetic flow and emotional purification. When we use lemongrass on the full moon it helps us let go of old belief systems and any negative energy we may have accumulated from others or situations.

Frankincense: Widely known as the oil of “spiritual truth” Frankincense assists us in removing any low vibe or false components in our lives. This can mean letting go of toxic relationships, negative situations or an uninspiring job. This oil creates a spiritual opening within us to create new perspectives based on truth and light.

Full Moon essential oil blend comes in 5ml essential oil bottle. I added Clear Quartz Crystal into every bottle to enhance magical powers of the blend. The vibrational energy from the crystal helps to enhance the benefits of the essential oil blend and helps to balance the body. Both, the crystal and the essential oil blend is reiki infused.

Diffuse the blend during the full moon and a few days before and after. Great for full moon ceremonies. Add a few drops to your bath on a full moon night. Can be used in your meditation practice.