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Essential oils are a great way to naturally treat snoring. With the Snorelax Drops essential oil blend, you can either:

1. Diffuse it into the air of your bedroom with your electronic diffuser or a simple spray mixture with purified water.

2. Apply it to the base of your feet, especially at the bottom of the big toe, mixed with some carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil.

3. You can also massage a drop of this oil blend under each nostril before bedtime.

The soothing lavender essential oil helps with a range of sleep disorders, including snoring. The Lavender Oil is extremely useful for both calming and relaxation and snoring. It ensures that users get a comfortable night rest. Its antispasmodic properties help to clear the air passages. The peppermint essential oil has antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help open up your airways. It prevents the inflammation of the inner linings in nasal passages. Also, the oil will clear your throat, nose, and chest and reduce snoring. Lemon essential oil is believed to have antispasmodic properties that help lubricate the tissue in the back of the throat. Thyme essential oil is another natural remedy that comes highly recommended for snoring. It is extensively used to treat respiratory conditions and can help free up the blocked airways that may cause snoring. 

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