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Dragon’s Blood is a sap from the Dragon Tree. It symbolizes power, fire, cleansing and protection. For centuries, this sap has been used in spells & rituals. This oil is made with blend of essential oils and Dragon blood raisins blended with Grape seed oil. I added clear crystal quartz for an extra power. Dragon Blood Oil is one of the more powerful oils that is known to be very effective for protection, love, potency and cleansing. Used in any type of rituals. Can be used for all spell work including talisman charging, banishing, protection, sexuality, love, and healing spells. Drop a few drops in every corner of your home for protection and to banish negative energy.  Use this oil to dress objects such as candles, tools or items to give extra energy of protection, banishment, healing and love.

DISCLAIMER *** For external use only. Green Envy Cosmetics makes no claim to the efficacy of these products. They are sold as curios only, and should be used with the clients' intentions..***

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