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Aromatherapy spray to help with hot flashes and offer cooling relief. When it comes to hot flashes, Clary Sage essential oil has to be the holy grail of all remedies. No matter which essential oil book or guide you’re reading, it’s guaranteed to be the top recommended oil for all things feverish. Clary sage is highly valuable and crucial for balancing hormones, especially those associated with thermal activity. In addition to improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, inspiring mental clarity, sage oil is also a sedative that relaxes hot flashes in all genders and reduces insomnia. Clary sage EO is also a godsend for women going through menopause. Its unrivalled ability to regulate female hormones makes it a number one must-have essential oil for women over 40.

Like most of the oils on this list, peppermint is well known for its broad range of applications; all of which come in useful at offering relief for hot flashes. For starters, the incredible cooling properties of peppermint make it perfect for dealing with the hot part of hot flashes. Similarly, the sweet and captivating scent of peppermint allows it to refresh, uplift, improve concentration and reduce mental fatigue. What’s more, peppermint essential oil boasts of anti-inflammatory and sedative properties soothe achy joints, ease congestion, combat headaches and limit the intensity of hot flashes.

Do you want to beat the heat? Just give yourself a spritz behind your neck, upper chest or on wrists when you feel a hot flash starting. Allow spray to evaporate and cool. For best results leave skin uncovered. You can also use this spray to cool off after a workout. Ah, so refreshing!

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